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Standart Tandem Flight is the most common service on demand. Anybody, without any paragliding experience, can enjoy the paragliding sport and the perfect view of Ölüdeniz. All you do is sit comfortably in the harness and tell the pilot where to go and what to do (steady glide, spiral dives, thermaling, etc.).

Fun: Without doubt, all the Reaction Paragliding passengers experience an intense and fun adventure. 2000m / 6600 feet altitude is more than enough. You can thermal even higher. The quiet glide above the beautiful landscape will be breath taking.

Flight Duration: The flight is 20-45 minutes. It is the passenger to define the duration by choosing a steady glide or thermaling.

What to bring: Sun glasses, trainie shoes or boots is enough. Flight suits are provided by Reaction.

Let us explain how Reaction Paragliding attains safe paragliding operations...

Safety is guarantied by controling the 4 main parameters; meteorological conditions, pilot skills, pilot fatique and equipment.

Meteorolojical Conditions: The major parameter of safety in paragliding is the weather. The approach of Reaction Paragliding, to ensure safe operations, is to stay on the ground when the conditions are close or above the limits. Our pilots will not take off when all safe conditions are not guarantied.

Pilot Skills: All of the pilots working for Reaction Paragliding has more than 5 years of continious experience as a commercial tandem pilot. Please check pilot profiles.

Pilot Fatique: Our pilots have day off whenever they want. This attains no fatique and physical stress on pilots. Reaction is the only tandem paragliding company applying frequent (min. one day per week) day off to pilots in Ölüdeniz.

Equipment: Reaction uses equipment manufactured by Ozone Paragliders, the leading paragliding brand. All paragliders are 2018 product and inspected periodically.


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